Reduce the risk of heart disease and the chance of heart attack

2023. Feb 10. | Epasel

The heart is one of our most important organs. Its protection deserves special attention. With Epasel capsules, it is possible to reduce the chances of a heart attack.

The heart not only has its own muscle tissue, which forms the walls of the organ, but also its own blood vessels. The coronary arteries are responsible for supplying the heart with sufficient oxygen and energy. The impeccable condition of the coronary arteries is vital. When atherosclerosis occurs, their walls thicken and can pump less blood and oxygen to the heart. The lack of oxygen leads to the death of a certain area of the heart muscle. This results in myocardial infarction (commonly known as heart attack). Typically, 20% of all deaths in adults are caused by heart attacks.

Risk factors

The most at risk are men, including middle-aged and elderly males. Aging men are four times more likely to have a heart attack than women. In addition to gender, risk factors include harmful addiction, genetic heredity, high cholesterol and blood pressure, obesity, and lack of exercise. Of course, these factors also affect each other. Too fatty foods, obesity generate an immune response. This is particularly true when abdominal fat develops. The number of T-lymphocytes increases, and too high concentration can cause atherosclerosis.

Prevention with EPASEL capsules

Do more to keep your heart beating and take EPASEL soft capsules as a cure. Prevention is the best way to support your health. Preventing a heart attack can also depend on taking every opportunity to reduce the risks. Soft capsules, containing all-natural active ingredients, help to reduce the risk of thrombosis, which could also lead to heart attack.

EPASEL soft capsules contain physiologically important unsaturated fatty acids derived from fish oil as well as selenium, which do not enter in sufficient quantities in the body through normal nutrition. When taken as a course of treatment, the capsule reduces blood cholesterol levels, helps to restore a healthy ratio of blood fats, increases the elasticity of the vascular walls, slows down the age-related processes of atherosclerosis, inhibits the adhesion of platelets and reduces the risk of thrombosis.