Juvenile warts

Egaver solution for the treatment of juvenile warts is available in pharmacies, online pharmacies, herbal shops, and drugstores in Hungary.


Warts are different, clearly visible, and palpable growths on the surface of the skin, often caused by viral infections. 

Types of warts

Juvenile warts, also known as flat warts, are most common in children and young people. Juvenile warts are skin growths caused by the HPV virus, which can spread very quickly once it enters the body, so warts can often grow close together in clusters or further apart on the skin that are farther from entry.

Infected epithelial cells from the skin surface of infected individuals may enter the water of swimming pools and beaches, and from there the viruses can easily infect others by getting into the healthy epithelial cells through tiny cuts on the skin surface. The viruses can be transmitted through direct physical contact, through a handshake, or even during play. The development of infection largely depends on the current state of the immune system. Under conditions favourable for viruses, at the point of entry the virus begins to multiply rapidly and form warts, however through lymphatic circulation, it can reach farther places in the body, causing similar problems in more distant areas. Juvenile warts can usually appear on the hands, feet, knees or even on the face. They are rough surface, hard to the touch, skin-coloured, shiny flat skin lesions that usually penetrate the deeper layers of the skin as well.

Juvenile warts are fairly resistant to treatment and there is a high risk of recurrence, but more than 50% of warts regress on their own after about 2 years.

Common warts are viral warts usually occur on children and young adults. They grow mainly on the hands, fingers and around the nails, but can also occur on other parts of the body, and don’t cause pain.

Plantar wart is a type of common wart that grows inward on the sole of the foot, putting pressure on the nerve endings by its root and causing severe pain when walking. External genital warts (condyloma) and warts around the anus are caused by human papilloma virus (HPV).

Filiform warts: soft, skin-coloured warts 3-5 mm long on the face and neck that usually cause no other complaints.

Flat warts in old age, brownish-greyish or black, pea-sized growths, mainly on the trunk, sometimes in masses. It is associated with skin aging, and it is not caused by a viral infection.

In general, however, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist or a pharmacist to stop further spread and to exclude the risk of malignant lesions and to start treatment as soon as possible.  The type, size and location of the wart should also be considered when choosing a treatment. It is always advisable to choose the treatment that causes the least damage to the surrounding skin.

Warts can be removed:

Physically: by laser, freezing or surgically, after appropriate preparation, usually under local anaesthesia. The advantage of these methods is that they can be performed quickly and effectively but a wound or scar may remain at the site of the warts, which may require further interventions later.

Chemically: substances available in medical practice or pharmacies are usually corrosive (keratin-soluble) substances or cell division inhibitors. Chemical methods are characterised by the fact that there is no risk of scar formation during their use, however treatment requires a longer time period to achieve a satisfactory result.


EGAVER solution is mainly indicated for the treatment of fast-growing, rough-surfaced, shiny flat skin growths on the hands, feet, knees, and face, known as juvenile warts. It is particularly recommended for the treatment of juvenile warts of viral origin (verruca plana juvenilis) caused by swimming pool infections.

During its compilation, we used folk medicine knowledge that warts treated with the sap of certain plants, such as summer apple, green plum, and houseleek, regressed.

EGAVER solution contains only active ingredients of plant origin, malic and citric acid naturally present in the above plants and fruits.

EGAVER is a natural health product medically proven remedy for juvenile warts. When used according to indications, abrasions or scar formation should not be expected.

For more information on risks and side effects, please READ THE PATIENT INFORMATION LEAFLET or consult your doctor or pharmacist.