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A herpes blister rash always appears at the most inconvenient time. We are afraid of it and often do not know what to do against the activation of the virus. Small vesicular rashes that appear in groups and quite painful, and even the surrounding inflamed area of the blisters are most often caused by Herpes Simplex virus types I and II. The first symptom of a herpes outbreak is preceded by a tingling, pricking sensation in the affected area where the blister rash will later appear. The small rash become fluid-filled blisters, painful and eventually dry up. If the affected area is larger, the surrounding lymph nodes may also become swollen and sensitive to pressure.


95% of people carry at least one type of the herpes virus, but many of them carry more. Even though many people get the first infectious viruses at birth, in the birth canal, most people can live with them peacefully, since the immune system prevents the multiplication inside the cells. However, as soon as the immune system becomes less alert, the herpes virus activates, multiplies, and develops its characteristic skin symptoms around the mouth or intimate areas of the body.

The reasons for the decrease in immunity to fight herpes can be:

  • physical and mental exhaustion,
  • stress, nervousness,
  • indigestion,
  • taking certain medicines, radiation therapy,
  • changes in the menstrual cycle of women
  • the presence of other co-morbidities, fever,
  • in summer, the most important provoking factors are increased UV radiation, sunbathing and even the use of solarium.

It may happen that the disease does not only occur occasionally, but becomes regular, and has a very negative impact on daily life.

How to reduce the chance of developing herpes?

To prevent the development of herpes, it is important to avoid direct or strong sunlight, as well as using solarium, it is necessary to rest more and take nutritional supplements that prevent the reproduction of herpes viruses.

If you have herpes every month or even more frequently, you may need to consult a doctor, especially a dermatologist, who may, if justified, recommend visiting further specialist clinics. If the doctor considers it necessary, he may prescribe a small but continuous dose of a medicine to prevent the virus from multiplying.

However, there is also an over-the-counter natural health product that, if we use immediately, as soon as the first symptoms appear, it acts internally to inhibit the reproduction of viruses.

Say goodbye to herpes

Anyone who has ever had it will know that herpes is a very unpleasant disease, its symptoms can last for weeks, and it can appear in mild or more severe forms. Since it can cause serious complications, herpes treatment should be started immediately, so if you manage to catch the disease when it appears, it can have a much shorter course.

There are many ways to treat herpes; depending on the severity of the disease, those affected usually use different herbal or pharmaceutical products. For a targeted cure, it may be important to visit a doctor, who can recommend effective solution to treat herpes. The most common treatment option is topical ointments or gels, but in certain more severe cases, a doctor may find it necessary to prescribe oral medicine. It is worth knowing that an alternative to above mentioned topical ointments or gels can be an over-the-counter natural health product available in pharmacies, containing the antiviral omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which are present in fish oil, as well as an amino acid called Lysine.

Búcsú a herpesztől

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EPAVIR is the only natural health product against herpes virus infection for internal use that contains only natural active ingredients, therefore it is completely safe to take.

EPAVIR soft gel capsules for oral use:

  • contain only natural active ingredients,
  • are medically effective against the herpes virus,
  • are recommended for the treatment of Herpes simplex infection on the lips, oral cavity, genital organs, and other body surfaces.

EPAVIR soft gelatine capsules are most effective if you take immediately when the first signs of herpes (skin tightness, prickly itching, redness) appear or as soon as possible. EPAVIR capsules should be always taken

  • on an empty stomach and
  • at least half an hour before meals.

If taken after a meal, the expected effect may be reduced. The first daily dose of EPAVIR is 4×2 capsules.

The active ingredients-of EPAVIR (omega-3 fatty acids: EPA and DHA, as well as Lysine, an amino acid) are natural ingredients that are present in our normal diet, but not in sufficient quantities to achieve the desired therapeutic effect.

When the first symptoms of herpes appear (skin tightening, itching etc.), take EPAVIR capsules as soon as possible, and in most cases the development of blisters can be prevented, and unpleasant sores can be avoided as well.

Main effects of EPAVIR soft gel capsules:

  • can suppress the formation of blisters,
  • accelerate the healing of the developed cold sore, 
  • relieve unpleasant symptoms and pain, and
  • reduce the frequency of recurrences.

EPAVIR the natural remedy

For more information on risks and side effects, please READ THE PATIENT INFORMATION LEAFLET or consult your doctor or pharmacist.