More about heart attack prevention

2019. Jul 3. | Epasel

Cardiovascular diseases, including heart attack, claim many lives around the world every year. It often ends lives in the blink of an eye, without any apparent warning signs. Can we do anything to avoid it? There is a lot we can do. With effective infarction prevention, we can reduce our risk of developing the disease and increase our life expectancy.

The predisposition to heart attack can be inherited, but we can also make things worse by ignoring risk factors and having an unhealthy lifestyle. Smoking is one of the top causes, and its potential adverse effects on the circulatory system, among other things, are well known. It also matters what we eat. To prevent a heart attack, fatty, salty foods should be avoided and foods with lower saturated fat, cholesterol and salt should be chosen.  At mealtimes, it is advisable to eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and oily seeds, and reduce sugar and salt intake.  Being overweight, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are all risk factors for the cause of infarction, however regular exercise is also important to prevent heart attack.

What else can you do?

Do more to keep your heart beating and take EPASEL soft capsules as a cure. Prevention is the best way to support your health. Preventing a heart attack can also depend on taking every opportunity to reduce the risks. Soft capsules, containing all-natural active ingredients, help to reduce the risk of thrombosis, which could also lead to heart attack.

EPASEL soft capsules contain physiologically important unsaturated fatty acids derived from fish oil as well as selenium, which do not enter in sufficient quantities in the body through normal nutrition. When taken as a course of treatment, the capsule reduces blood cholesterol levels, helps to restore a healthy ratio of blood fats, increases the elasticity of the vascular walls, slows down the age-related processes of atherosclerosis, inhibits the adhesion of platelets and reduces the risk of thrombosis.


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