What causes frequent, recurrent UTIs?

2019. May 6. | Urogin

According to some studies half of all people experience a urinary tract infection (UTI) during their lifetime. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to suffer from a UTI only once, many people experience recurrent urinary tract infections.

Certain conditions, such as weak immune system, diabetes, or urinary tract disorders, are all triggers for frequent recurrence of a UTI. In fact, any effects that cause hyperemia in the lower abdomen favours this infection.

Urinary tract infections can also recur if the natural bacterial flora of the vagina is disrupted for some reason. A course of antibiotics, certain hormonal changes or poor personal hygiene can also be a trigger. Such unfavourable changes can be associated with a decrease in the natural defences of the vagina and an excessive reproduction of harmful bacteria, which is how a UTI can develop again.

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