Urogin oral solution for the treatment of urinary tract infections and cystitis is available in pharmacies

2019. Jun 7. | Urogin

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Urinary tract infection, also known as UTI, most commonly occurs in women. Although many people may think that the infection is caused by a cold, in fact the symptoms and inflammation are caused by bacteria.

These bacteria are often found on the surface of the human body, usually enter the body through the urethra, multiply there and cause urinary tract infection, which can cause

  • a stinging, burning sensation during and after urination,
  • severe abdominal pain,
  • frequent urge to urinate,
  • difficulty in passing urine, and
  • even blood in the urine..

In addition to catching cold, sharing toilets or baths, going to swimming pools and being on the beach in summer, can also promote the development of UTI. Many women experience symptoms of urinary tract infection after sexual intercourse due to the bacteria in the vagina that enter in the urinary tract, and cause inflammation. Hormonal changes associated with menopause can also be a predisposing factor of UTI.


Treatment of urinary tract infection

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If you have symptoms of UTI, it is advisable to consult a pharmacist or, in more serious cases, visit your GP or a urologist.

If you have mild symptoms of UTI or cystitis, it is not necessary to take antibiotics for its treatment. In such cases, traditional herbal medicines containing certain medicinal plants or a combination of herbal extracts in appropriate proportions can serve as an independent treatment option. UROGIN oral solution is a traditional herbal medicine that can help cure your UTI with the strength of six medicinal plants.

In more severe cases of UTI, doctor will usually prescribe antibiotics for a few days, and in the case of recurrent complaints, a longer course of targeted antibiotic treatment is advised. In all these cases, UROGIN may also be used as an adjunctive therapy to reduce the chances of recurrence.

To prevent urinary tract infections:

  • drink plenty of fluids,
  • do not hold back your urine for a long time
  • it is highly important to follow proper hygiene rules, and last but not least
  • it is advisable to dress appropriately for the weather, and to protect yourself from the cold