Let’s make it clear, UTI is not caused by cold

2019. May 6. | Urogin

Many people believe that urinary tract infections (UTIs) are caused solely by the cold and is related to catching cold. This is not entirely correct, as bacterial pathogens are primarily responsible for the unpleasant symptoms of UTI. Cold, among other things, can significantly reduce the body’s resistance to pathogens and therefore may promote the development of UTI.

It is true that UTI is more common in autumn and winter, especially in women, but this is only because the human body is more sensitive to cold weather and therefore it is more susceptible to illness and diseases. In terms of UTI, hygiene is a highly important issue to consider, as UTI is mostly caused by pathogens, it can be avoided by proper hygiene. Since the vagina is covered with mucous, special attention should be paid to regular and proper hygiene. Menstrual blood, for example, is full of pathogens, so if you don’t have proper personal hygiene, you may be at increased risk of UTI.

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