Cystitis, bladder inflammation, the symptoms you need to know

2019. May 6. | Urogin

Cystitis, or inflammation of the bladder, is an unpleasant infection. It is advisable to start treatment immediately when symptoms appear, otherwise discomfort may persist for a longer time and, if left untreated, serious complications (such as inflammation of the renal pelvis (pyelonephritis), various gynaecological problems, and in very severe cases even infertility) may develop. It is therefore important to stop procrastinating and to start treatment as soon as possible.

In the case of cystitis or bladder inflammation, patients suffer from a constant urge to urinate. In many cases, only a very small amount of urine is released from the bladder, accompanied by an unpleasant stinging, and burning sensation. The colour of the urine can also be a sign of trouble, as it may be cloudy due to the presence of pus or pinkish because of the blood inside. If you also have a pain in the lower back, chills, fever, or feverishness, you should seek treatment immediately or consult a specialist – doctor or pharmacist. Prescribed antibiotics are not always necessary to take. A traditional herbal medicine made form the extracts of medicinal plants is available at pharmacies. Urogin oral solution can prevent the growth of bacteria and effectively reduce inflammation of the urinary tract and other unpleasant symptoms. Why not try Urogin oral solution to avoid the health complications mentioned above?

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