Causes and prevention of juvenile warts

2019. May 9. | Egaver

Flat warts are also known as juvenile warts since they usually appear on kids at the age of 8-10, but they are not uncommon among teenagers and young adults either. They are caused by an infection, called HPV, the human papilloma virus. There are many variants of the virus, which cause different types of warts in different parts of the body. Not surprisingly, the appearance of warts is more common at a younger age. Children’s immune systems are underdeveloped and not as resistant as those of adults. As a result, the viruses that cause warts can also more easily cause changes in their bodies once they enter.

It is possible to prevent and reduce the chances of developing  juvenile warts by paying more attention to hygiene. Children should always use their own towels, wear slippers in swimming pools. It is also advisable to wear dry, well-ventilated shoes and socks, and wipe themselves thoroughly. But if you do develop a wart, it is not a tragedy either.

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