What causes cystitis?

2019. Jun 7. | Urogin

Most infections can produce very unpleasant symptoms, but some of them are accompanied by increased malaise and sometimes even severe pain. One such example is cystitis, which affects a significant number of people today.

Cystitis, often referred to as inflammation of the bladder is a common type of urinary tract infections. Contrary to popular belief cystitis is not caused by a cold. Cold only promotes the development of infection, since in most cases bacteria are responsible for the inflammation, and the unpleasant symptoms. Infectious microorganisms can enter the urinary tract from two directions: from the lower urinary tract or through the blood vessels. Because women are more susceptible to infection from the lower urinary tract due to their body structure, surveys show that young women are at least 50 times more likely to develop the unpleasant infection than men. One reason for this is that women have shorter urethra, which allow bacteria to enter straightway into the bladder.

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