Prevention of cystitis

2019. Jun 7. | Urogin

Cystitis is inflammation of the bladder is usually caused by a bladder infection. It is an unpleasant and, unfortunately, recurring type of urinary tract infection that affects many people. It is a misconception that it is caused by the cold, although cold temperature also has an effect, but the infection is triggered by pathogens in the body. These pathogens start to multiply when your body feels cold. However not only the cold, but also other conditions or activities can trigger the growth of bacteria which can cause hyperaemia in the lower abdomen. This can include sexual intercourse, hot baths, eating very spicy foods or even belly dancing. Sounds surprising, doesn’t it?

All this makes cystitis difficult to prevent, and the factors and conditions required for bacterial growth matters a lot. Take precautions whenever possible, such as drinking plenty of fluids and urinating after sexual intercourses.

And if you have already got cystitis, the best thing you can do is to start your treatment immediately. Urogin oral solution can help successfully from an early stage of cystitis. Fight pathogens with the strength of 6 medicinal plants. For further information about Urogin traditional herbal medicine feel free to contact us. Heal with the power of medicinal herbs!