Epavir capsules against herpes virus, a simple and faster solution instead of ointment

2020. Sep 14. | Epavir

Today, there are many different preparations available in pharmacies to treat herpes virus. Several ointments and topical creams for herpes can be found, however many customers do not really like them. They may smear it on their face at any time, and in certain situations, there is no chance at all to treat herpes. If you are looking for a much simpler and more effective solution than ointments, we recommend Epavir capsules.

Epavir is the only capsules for the treatment of herpes on the Hungarian market that contain only natural active ingredients. The oral capsules work in your body to recover from herpes. They leave no traces, and no preparation is required when using the products. The earlier (when the first symptoms such as itching appears) you start taking your high dose (4×2 capsules), the more effective the treatment will be.

Why not try Epavir capsules for herpes treatment instead of ointments and topical creams? You can find more information about the Epavir softgel capsules on our website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us we will be happy to assist you.